We know you have wanted this one for a while, so we are very excited at Geo to announce the release of Forms on GeoNext.

We have created our Forms feature from the ground up, to solve a whole range of problems we heard from customers, including:

  • Making sure everything on a job gets done
  • Easily sharing instructions on how to do things with team members
  • Saving training time by having clear documentation, instructions and checklists built into GeoNext
  • Nail down those compliance loose ends with safety forms, job forms, and SWMS
  • Helping you, as the business owner feel confident that the jobs are being done to the standard you expect
  • Helping you grow your business by taking all the detail out of your head, and storing them in GeoNext

Not only have we addressed all of these issues with Forms, but we have also made sure it is really simple for you and your team to use. There are only 3 steps to using GeoNext Forms.

First, you create a form template, then you add it to a job, then you get your team to complete the Form in the field from their mobile phone. It is that simple.

Creating Templates

To set up a form template, you will need to be using the browser version of GeoNext. Head over to Settings, and you will see the new Form Templates option in the sidebar. Click it, and then click “New Template

Give your form template a name, and start adding items. There are several item types to choose from and we will continue to add to these to make Forms more useful all the time. Currently, you can add a Section Title and a Checkbox item

Section Title - This is a flexible item type that is added to a checklist but the staff member does not need to complete it. It consists of text-only and can be used to either break up a Form into sections or to provide some explanatory text.

Checkbox - a basic checkbox item type. Enter some text as the item description, and when someone wants to mark it complete, they simply tap the box

Example - a basic checklist consisting of checkbox items with text for each item

☑️ Clean windows

🔲 Wipe surfaces

🔲 Vacuum floors

Other checklist options

Mandatory items

You will notice that each Form item has a switch, to make the item mandatory. A mandatory item must be completed in order to mark the Form complete. If a mandatory item on a form is not filled in, the form can not be marked as complete.

Automatically attach this form to all new bookings

This setting, found at the bottom of the form template page, means the form template will be automatically attached to bookings created in the future. Use this setting for Forms that you want to appear on every booking, like mandatory safety forms, or pre-start, post-completion forms.

Notes about how Form Templates work

  • Editing an existing Form template will apply those changes to all forms already attached to bookings, provided they have not already been commenced

Adding Forms to Bookings

Forms are attached to bookings so that every time a team member goes on-site, a fresh Form is available. To add a Form to a booking, simply create a new booking, or edit an existing booking.

Here you will see the new Forms dropdown, where you can choose from existing forms to add to the booking. You can add as many forms as you like.

If you want to create a new Form from here, click new, and the template editor will open in a new tab. Close that tab when you are done to return to this booking and add the form.

Once you save the booking, the form will be added, and you can see the completion status of forms in the Job Overview

Filling in and completing forms

Forms can be filled in and marked complete on both the mobile and browser version of GeoNext/


Starting at the Job Overview, click anywhere on the desired booking to open the new view of bookings.

Click the “view” button to open the form.

As a browser user, you can now start filling in the form, and provided any mandatory items are filled in, complete the form.

You also have the option at this point to download the form in its current state as a PDF. This is useful if you wish to send the form to a client, or create a paper copy for reference.

When you complete the form, you can see this is represented on the booking and job overviews


In the GeoNext mobile app, you can add existing Form templates to bookings, view, fill in, or complete a form. To do this, you need to visit the booking that the Form is attached to.

Note: Currently, you cannot create new Form templates in the mobile app.

Here you will see a new Forms section. You can tap the forms section to expand it and view Forms that are attached to this booking, or you can edit the booking by tapping the pencil and add existing Form templates to the booking.

Adding Forms

Simply edit the booking, and tap “Select Form”

You can then select as many forms from the template list as you like

Click the tick in the top right to confirm, and save the booking

Viewing, filling in, and completing forms

Tap the Forms entry in the booking and you will see a dropdown accordion of the Forms that are attached to this booking

Tapping on any form will allow you to interact with that form. Tap checkboxes to mark them complete, tap multiple choice items and text items to complete them and tap the + button on signature and image items to add to them.

At the bottom of the form, provided all mandatory items are complete, you can tap “Complete Form” to mark the entire form as complete.

Tapping the small menu icon at the top of the form will allow you to:

  • Delete the form - remove it and its contents from the booking
  • Reset the form - return all the items to their starting place
  • Download as PDF - this will create a PDF of the form and save it to your phones “Downloads” folder
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