GeoSales work on both iOS and Android... You probably know that already.

There are many different devices available in the market today, however, following factors have a big impact on GeoSales performance.

  • Device Type (hardware) - stick to a good hardware manufacturer to ensure that your device works as it should.
  • Operating System (OS) - latest OS tend to work better, as long as it is recommended for your device.
  • RAM - a.k.a. memory. More memory the device has, better the performance.
  • Other Apps - All devices have other apps and services running in the background. They use the available device resources like processor and memory, so there won't be as much resources available to run GeoSales.
  • Age/Depreciation - Most of the devices tend to decrease in performance as they get older. Sometimes resetting a device can improve this slightly, but truth be told, newer the better.

Got eyes on a specific device? See if it meets the minimum requirements.
Minimum Requirements for Android Devices
Minimum Requirements for iPads

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