Airwatch is a popular brand of Mobile device management (MDM) software used by organizations to monitor, manage and secure employees' mobile devices.

Airwatch is an optional item that can be purchased with a GeoSales support plan. If you don't have Airwatch currently, but like to purchase it, you can reach out to your GeoSales account manager to enable Airwatch for your organization.

Please note that Airwatch is a third party software and incur additional costs. Therefore we recommend not to provision Airwatch for any users until they are ready to go-live with GeoSales.

Alternatively, your organization can have your own Airwatch instance OR choose a different MDM software on your devices. However, please note that GeoSales support team can only assist you if you're on an Airwatch plan provided by Geo.

If you would like to trial or test GeoSales, you can download the iOS app directly from AppStore. Android app can be provided to clients on request for testing purposes.

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