These issues are most commonly the result of incorrect client configuration or a network connectivity issue.
In order to log in, a Sales Rep must have a network connection via their network service provider. If a network connection is not available, you should check your iPad is correctly configured or wait until a network connection is available. If you are not able to get a network signal, contact your Group/Team Leader or the InterfaceIT Support Desk.

Other issues may be encountered when logging in, as a result of incorrect client configuration, these are described below.

When logging in, a Sales Rep may be presented with an error reading“Login : No Groups! – This User is not assigned to a group

This error indicates that the Sales Rep has not been assigned to a group in your User configuration. In this instance, you will be required to access the Sales Rep’s user account and add their username to a group.

On a subsequent login, the Sales Rep may then be presented with the error – “Unable To Find Schedule for this User. The user has no schedule set, please see supervisor or log in as a different user”.

This error indicates that the group to which the Sales Rep belongs has not been assigned to a schedule in the Group Schedule administration.

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