Data Load Rules are basically the rules that we set up for a certain account's data set which is done right on the initial set up. These rules indicates the way you wanted to load your files (addresses) in the GeoSales App (iKnock).

Currently we have 2 types of method being used and these rules kick-in with every file that you are providing us.

  1. Append - This rule means that whenever you drop off your files on our SFTP folder and wanted to load these files (addresses) in the GeoSales App (iKnock), your old data remains and the new data will override any duplicate ones. In this rule your data set is incrementally growing each time a new file is loaded.
  2. Refresh - Basically a rule that “refreshes” data set. This rule WIPES out all of your existing data set and REPLACE them with your new ones.

Three types of data.

  1. DNK - (Do Not Knock) - These are the list of addresses that are set to "Do Not Knock" status, these addresses can either be your own existing customers, the addresses that you blocked or some end users who refused to be knock on. Note: These DNK addresses are marked with RED DOORS in the GeoSales App (iKnock) and you can’t make interactions on these addresses.
  1. CAMPAIGN - These are the data files that we use in creating your sales campaigns.
  2. CAD - (Client Attached Data) -These data files are coming from the end users or your clients to be attached to each interaction. These data files can be anything like Business Name, Other Addresses, Company Details or whatever is provided.

Important Points to Remember:

  • SFTP Folder - Secure and manageable online folder for data file upload.
  • The process to load data can be done manually or can be set automatically depending on your preferences.
  • A manual data load process is usually completed within 2 business days, but it can take longer depending on the file queue and the size of file provided.
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