Once your User(s) have been created, they must then be assigned to a group in order to allow for their Team Leader/Manager to allocate and monitor their turf, and in order for upper management to review comparative data between Sales Rep in their respective groups.

Clicking Schedule from the header menu, a new page will appear:

In order to create a new group, click the green ‘+’ button by the ‘Groups’ header. On the following screen you will be asked to create a Group Name and assign it to a region. Once you have saved the group name it will appear in the previous page and will allow you to add users to it as shown in the video below;

You can edit the groups by adding or removing users that exist and are active within the client/instance.

Finally, with respect to group management, if you are certain a Sales Rep will not be returning for active work, always ensure that that you deactivate the Sales Rep from the User’s attributes via the Controls tab.

Once the Groups are finalised, you may proceed with Creating Assignments

For further assistance on creating groups, reach us at support@geosales.io

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