What is an Extract?
Extract is Customisable View of the data captured for a particular interaction under a specified campaign.

Steps for Creating an Extract

  1. Login to https://console.interfaceit.com/
  2. Go to Forms --> Extracts
  3. Tap "Add New Extract"
  4. Set the Extract Name, select the Document Name (Interaction Type available) and select the Form under the document selected.

5. Add "Questions" (data capture fields on Forms) and Metadata (default data captured within Geo For Sales) by selecting the options from the dropdown and clicking the '+' (plus) sign.

6. The extract fields can be reviewed, renamed, re-arranged or removed from the
"Fields" tab under the options.

7. Free text can be added for a static value in the extract, which is not captured
during an interaction. For eg: State - VIC

8. Please ensure to hit "Save" to see the extract available under Forms --> Extracts

For any further questions you may have or information you need, feel free to contact support@geosales.io

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