To assign zone(s) to your groups, change from the Users tab to the Assignments tab located on the right-hand side of the Schedule page.

Tap on the grey arrow next to the group name and you will notice a green tab appear to the right of your newly created group. Click on the green tab to add an Assignment and a new page will appear with your cursor in a field entitled Search Zones.

In this example below, zones are set by suburb name. By typing “CH” in the Search Zone field, the uploaded data will produce a list of zones within parameters.

You also have an option to set the date range (default is 1 week) for when you want your group to work in the desired zone. Once you have assigned the territory it will pre-populate all successive days until you select a new zone for the group to work in.

Like how you put Users into groups, you will have the option of clicking the button "+" and "-" to assign territory to your selected group, or remove it when necessary.

Saving the changes will bring you back to the Assignments page where you will notice a blue bar representing the area that you have assigned to the group (from the selected day to as far as your elected date range).

Assigning Multiple Zones

By repeating the above process, you will then see that the group has multiple blue bars listed with the corresponding suburb and/or post code.

When the Group/Team Manager or Sales Rep logs in to the GeoSales application, if there are multiple zones assigned to them or their group, they will have the option of choosing which zone they would like to log in.

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