In some cases, the Sales Rep may encounter properties where addresses do not match, or in other cases properties that do not exist against data and houses represented on the device. Examples would be, but are not exclusive to, new housing development areas where new homes are being built for which the provided data is not up-to-date.

If a Sales Rep is unsuccessful finding an address using the Search function, or the address does not exist but there is one similar or on the same property, it can be created.

You start with,

  1. Pressing the Create Address icon.
  2. Drag the locator on the address location and "Drop Pin". The pin will use Google Maps to try to determine the address of the pin’s location.
  3. Tap "Look Up Location" to check if the address is picked up by the system, if not, you may edit/enter the address details manually.
  4. Once completed, click Next and the App will guide you to the Interactions Page for the created address.

Note: Moving backward from the Customer Interaction screen, a new home will have been created on the Map View with the new address in the location it was created.

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