Two main tasks in setting up sFTP:

  • Generate a Secure Shell (SSH) key pair for authentication

- For each account, we need to set-up SSH public-key authentication to connect to the sFTP server and in order to control access to the data.

  • Download and Install FTP client software

1. Installing Required Software

2. Generation of Public/Private Keys

  • Open the “PuTTYgen” application (Windows -> Start Menu -> All Programs -> PuTTY -> PuTTYgen)
  • You will see the PuTTY key generator dialog box on your screen
  • Before we generate a key, make sure these parameters are correct:

- Type of key to generate: RSA
- Number of bits in a generated key: 2048

  • Then click on "Generate" button.
  • After it's done, go to the "Key comment:" text box, and change it to any name that you prefer (ex. id_rsa).
  • Copy the Public key and send it to
  • Click on “Save private key”
  • You can either save it with or without a passphrase. If you are going to save a passphrase, please take note of it since it will be used every time you connect to the sFTP server using your private key.
  • Save your private key on your own drive (ex. id_rsa.ppk).
  • Before you close PuTTYgen, you might want to save your public key as well.

3. Connecting to Geo sFTP Server

NOTE: Before you connect to our sFTP server, ensure that your public key has been processed by Geo Team. Contact us for confirmation.

  • Open “WinSCP” application
  • After WinSCP launches, you are presented with a dialog box to input your connection details:

File protocol: SFTP
Host name:
Port number: 22Username: <> (provided by Geo)
Leave the password blank as we will be using your private key.

  • Click on Advanced...
  • Under SSH, click on Authentication
  • Click on the 3 dots under Private key file.
  • Browse on the private key that you saved (id_rsa.ppk)
  • Click OK.
  • Click on Login

Once connected, you will now see the root folder of your sFTP directory. You can now start to upload the file to the inbound folder.

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