GeoSales can send emails on behalf of the customers. In some cases, such emails are rejected and marked as SPAM. Your IT team needs to perform a critical step to authorize GeoSales sending emails on behalf of your organization in this case.

Nowadays Email spammers can easily forge the sender address in emails. Even though the email sent from 3rd party mail servers, your domain will be used as the sending email. The Sender Policy Framework (SPF) attempts to control forged email by giving domain owners a way to specify which email sources are legitimate for their domain and which ones aren’t. For detailed information, please refer to Open SPF Project -

Clients that use email integrations with GeoSales need to set up the SPF record correctly to make sure the emails will not be marked as spam. The public IP from which all emails are sent is

You can add an SPF record to your DNS zone as a TXT record. The SPF record is associated with your domain and specifies which mail server or servers the domain uses to send email. Depending on the address you choose to send the GeoSales emails, these details should be passed to your IT team (or the domain owners) to setup SPF record.

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