What is the data source?

The GeoSales dataset is a combination of multiple sources, including the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), GNAF and others. This data gets updated at different intervals depending on availability and significance. The base dataset is the addresses (referred to as the GeoSales address universe) and on top of the base dataset, there are additional layers of data, like land boundaries and address type identifiers.

Can we create addresses?

The GeoSales address universe has almost all the addresses in it. If there are any recent real-estate developments which are not updated in GeoSales, you can easily create that address and proceed to make interactions.

How Accurate is this data?

While the base address dataset is quite accurate and has almost all the addresses in it, additional datasets may be slightly less accurate and incomplete due to the nature of the sources. These additional datasets are still useful as indicators, but not recommended to be solely relied on.

For instance 'some' of the addresses are marked as 'business', but not all businesses are marked in GeoSales as businesses, and some may appear as a regular address (residential).

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