There are two ways to install GeoSales on your devices.

1. Direct App Download

This is the easiest way to get GeoSales app. Users can remove & reinstall app when necessary and requires less administrative efforts. Read more about how to download apps directly from here.

2. via Airwatch (MDM)

Airwatch is a popular brand of Mobile device management (MDM) software used by organizations to monitor, manage and secure employees' mobile devices. Read more about Airwatch here.

This is suitable when you want to control the mobile devices on the field, assign permissions to user groups and acts as an entry point to all of your business apps. Your organization can easily control what apps and versions are pushed into the devices, instead of having field employees make a choice.

Using an MDM will require more administrative efforts in managing users, access settings etc, and also incur additional costs for MDM licenses (usually charged per device)

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