Wrong App?

One of the more common reasons people can't login to GeoOp is they are using the wrong mobile app.

Geo has 2 Production systems, the older system (called GeoOp) and the new system (called GeoService). If you sign up to GeoService, our new platform, but download the GeoOp app, your login won't work.


If using a computer to access GeoOp use https://www.geoop.com/console.php?er=2 to login. Ensure you also download the GeoOp mobile app from the app store. See image above to know what I mean (You want the one that says GeoOp). As time goes on, the older platform will be decommissioned once we migrate everyone to the new platform.


First, make sure if you have signed up for GeoService at http://geoservice.io, also that you download the GeoService mobile app from the app store. See image above, you want the one with the black icon. Use the following link to logon to the computer https://console.geo.biz/login

Password issues?

Perhaps the second biggest reason your login doesn't work is there is an issue with the password. As a first step, try resetting your GeoOp password, go to the GeoOp login screen and click 'Forgot your Password', then follow the on-screen instructions.

Browsers and Clearing your Cache Memory

If none of the above have helped, try clearing your browser cache memory. You'll find instructions for a range of browsers here: http://www.refreshyourcache.com/en/home/

Chrome and firefox are the best browsers for viewing GeoOp, so if none of the above has helped, you can try another browser.

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