What is GeoPay?

GeoPay is a payment system powered by GeoOp, which means your clients can pay invoices from their mobile devices via SMS. This means you can get paid faster.

How does GeoPay work?

Your client opens an SMS, which is requesting payment for a job, clicks on the link, which in turn opens the GeoPay payment page in their mobile web browser. They then enter their card details securely. Then the payment is processed, the payment is made and you receive your funds.

What do I have to do to setup GeoPay?

You will need to go to Settings-->Company Account-->Payments and enter the bank account details where you want funds from your clients to be deposited.

Client record: The client record in GeoOp must have a valid mobile phone number.

GeoOp Android App: If you are using the Android App you will need to go to Settings/Apps/GeoOp on your android device. You will then need to force stop and clear data. This will allow GeoPay to be added as a Payment type after restarting GeoOp. You can then navigate to the GeoOp App and re-open.

Why do I have to enter my bank account details and personal information?

GeoPay complies with industry-standard Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) checks for the safety of all of our customers. You can see more on KYC and AML here:



These checks sometimes involve the your client providing proof of identity, they will be notified directly if they need to supply additional information. Once the KYC checks are completed, you can receive payments into your bank account.

Which payment methods do you offer when my transaction has been completed?

You can be paid out to the bank account which you informed us of when you completed your identity verification.

How long will it take to be paid?

The funds should typically clear into your bank account the next day if your client has made a payment before 4:00pm. However it also depends on your bank’s processing speed, but typically it will be no longer than four days.

How can I change my bank account details?

Please go to GeoPay payment settings and you can enter your new account details instead.

- or -

Please send a note with your preferred bank account details to support@geoop.com and we can update it for you.

The phone number for identity verification is incorrect. How can I change it?

Please go to the GeoPay payment settings and you can enter your new telephone number in Settings-->Company Account-->GeoPay

- or -

If you've changed your phone number permanently since verifying it on your GeoOp account, please send a note with your updated phone number to support@geoop.com and we can update it for you to receive GeoPay payments.

How does GeoPay protect me from a fraud?

Our fraud and risk prevention team reviews all transactions against a number of different factors that present concern. Our team looks into each and every one and may choose to refund payments which we believe to be fraudulent or illegitimate.

How does GeoPay protect my business after assets are transferred?

With a debit or credit card, it is possible to chargeback the funds however they are not automatically removed from our account.

Our bank notifies us of the chargeback and we then respond so we don’t have to pay back the disputed amount, ensuring you receive your payment.

Aside from rare instances when we determine the payment to be fraudulent, once the funds are in GeoPay, they remain available to be released to you.

In summary, there is no way a client can cancel the transaction after paying in a way that directly affects you in GeoPay.

Is GeoPay free?
GeoOp charges no monthly fees to use GeoPay. However there will be transaction fees/surcharge that applies accordingly:

  • New Zealand - When making payment through a debit or credit card, there is a 3% fee.
  • Australia - When making payment through a debit or credit card, there is a 2.2% fee.(You'll have the option to pass over the 1% surcharge to your client or cover the entire cost of 2.2%)
  • USA - When making payment through a debit or credit card, there is a 3% fee.

How can I test GeoPay/See the message my clients will receive for a payment request?

If you would like to make a test payment to better understand the GeoPay payment process, you must use a different mobile number to the one registered to your account. This is because GeoPay uses your mobile number as a unique identifier and will display an error if you try to use this.

GeoPay and Xero?

There will be no change to the current payments method within GeoOp, upon payment line items will be marked as paid. Reconciliation within Xero will not be effected, as the fee paid by your client will not be added to the Invoice within Xero.

Note: there is also a GeoPay Guide to accompany this help guide

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