Contacting Staff and Clients via email, SMS or both

If you need to get in touch with someone quick, GeoOp's messaging tools are a great way to relay important info in a pinch.

GeoOp desktop lets you send urgent messages to staff and clients through the software via an email, SMS or both.

You can send messages either through the Jobs, Clients or Staff pages, depending on who you need to get in touch with. However, the process is the same no matter what page you choose to send a message from.

Finding messages

To send a message go to either the Job, Staff or Client page and select from the list which Job/Staff/Client you wish to message.

In the top right-hand corner you'll see a green drop down labelled Send Message. Here you can select whether you wish to send an email, SMS or both.

Typing and sending your message

After you've made your selection a pop-up box will appear where you can type out your message. The pop-up will show details such as what email/mobile number this message will be sent to, as well as text boxes for a subject line and body text.

If you wish to send another message to same Job/Staff/Client then tick the Send Another Message box to keep the pop-up open once you've hit send.

Once you hit send the message will be instantly sent out.

The Messages Page

Any message you send on GeoOp will appear in Message History on the Jobs Page. This gives you complete visibility of all your messages, regardless of whether you sent a message through the Job, Staff or Client page.

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