Before you Start...

The first thing to bear in mind when setting-up is the names differ slightly from GeoOp to MYOB AccountRight Live:

Tax codes - The tax codes will be applied to the individual line items.

Getting set up

The best practice is to set-up your item list, Customers and Tax Codes in your MYOB AccountRight Live account. These can then be synced (copied across) to GeoOp.

If you have been creating parts or charges within GeoOp to test the system when you integrate these will be deleted.

Top Tip: You can sync any new information from MYOB AccountRight Live at any time by using the Sync button.

Initial Integration

1. When logged in as an Administrator, go to (A)Settings > Company Account > (B)Integration. You will see the MYOB logo, click on (C)"Setup". In the popup window, tick Enable MYOB, then click Save.

Select MYOB AccountRight Live and click enable. You will then be directed to the MYOB site, where you will need to login to authenticate the integration.

2. You will be re-directed back to GeoOp to finish the integration. If you have multiple company files, you will need to select the one you wish to use from the dropdown. Then click save and the integration is complete.

Linking the accounts automatically imports the Items List (Parts & Charges), Customers (Clients) and Tax Codes.

Top Tip: If you make a mistake at any point, or if you wish to deactivate your Integration, simply click "Disconnect", untick Enable, then click Save.

Important note: If you wish to deactivate your integration to use a different company file, you must make sure you have logged out from MYOB first.

3. Enter your Username and Password for the MYOB Company file (this defaults as username: Administrator and the password: leave blank) and then click save. If you don't know your company file username or password follow this steps:

Follow the process as instructed on the MYOB site to link your accounts(This is where you use the MYOB password for your account). Linking the accounts automatically imports the Items List (Parts & Charges), Customers (Clients) and Tax Codes).

Creating Invoices

Once you have added Time or Parts to a job you are now ready to create Invoices within GeoOp. You have the option of creating these directly on-site from GeoOp App or in GeoOp Office.

Creating an Invoice in the App

In the charges or notes tab click "+" and you will be given the option to "Invoice"

This will create an Invoice within MYOB AccountRight Live and store a copy of this with the Job in GeoOp.

Creating an Invoice from GeoOp Office

This can be done from a single Job record (see below) or by going to Jobs/Invoicing, selecting any jobs you wish to Invoice and clicking "Send to MYOB"

Working with GeoOp and MYOB AccountRight Live

Naturally, from time to time you may want to add Clients/Customers or more Items from your Items List.


If you add a new client in GeoOp this Client will be imported to MYOB as a Customer on the creation of an Invoice. If you have added Customers into MYOB after the initial integration they will not be synced with GeoOp until you re-sync by manually importing, shown below.

Creating a Client from GeoOp to MYOB

If you Add a Client into GeoOp they will be automatically added to MYOB the first time you create an Invoice for them. MYOB will handle the new record in two different ways:

Company - If your client record contains a company name, the record will be treated as a company in MYOB

Individual - If there is no company name you must provide a last name for the record to be considered as an individual, otherwise MYOB will return an error when you try to create an invoice.

MYOB to GeoOp

Items List

If you add a new Item into MYOB AccountRight Live after the initial integration you must manually import these into GeoOp to create Invoices using these Items.

Note: For GeoOp to calculate the profit and margin there must be a Sale Price and a Purchase Price.

How to manually Import charges

Note: For an Item to be imported into GeoOp as a Charge it must have the inventory item unchecked within your MYOB AccountRight Live account.

Important note: Although not mandatory in MYOB you must give your Items an ITEM NAME for these charges to have a name within GeoOp i.e. Advertising Charge, Cleaning Charge.

How to manually Import Parts


A. If you add an inventory item in MYOB AccountRight, click import to add this as a Part in GeoOp. Remember you must check this inventory item within your MYOB AccountRight Live account.

Tax Codes

As discussed these are imported directly from MYOB AccountRight Live, on initial integration. To manually import got to Settings/Company Account/Invoicing Options and select import.

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