This article details the initial integration of GeoOp with Navman Wireless.

GeoOp Staff members are matched with Navman Wireless units installed in their vehicles

Vehicle locations are sent into GeoOp from the Navman Wireless API in real-time

Jobs are mapped in GeoOp and can then be allocated to the nearest or most appropriate member of staff at any time

The job notifications appear on the Navman Wireless unit informing staff where to go next

As GPS data comes in staff members are automatically checked in and out of their allocated jobs as they arrive and leave

Note: Navman integration is currently only possible in Australia & New Zealand

  1. Setting up Navman

In GeoOp, navigate to Settings > Company Account > Integrations. Here the account administrator clicks on the Navman icon, then sets up the Navman credentials:

Important Note: To connect to Navman, GeoOp requires a valid API Username and Password. Your Online AVL2 username and password will not work. If you do not have an API username and password, please contact your Navman Wireless dealer to acquire one.

2. Match the Navman unit to GeoOp staff member

Note: Locations are imported into GeoOp from the Navman API every 15 minutes.

3. How to assign Jobs

Jobs are geo-located in GeoOp and can then be allocated to the nearest or most appropriate Staff using the Add Job function.

Note: Jobs can also be allocated on the Schedule feature.

4. Navman unit will then be updated

The job is allocated to the Navman unit through the API

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