Scheduling Jobs & Visits on the mobile app

When you first launch the app, you will see the new schedule page. The schedule page is like your own GeoOp calendar, right on your phone. It shows you all of your scheduled visits, so that you know exactly where you need to be and when. Each visit is displayed with the start and end time, the title of the job it belongs to, and the location of the job. You can also see your visit labels, which will help you easily identify different visits. The schedule page has various filters available, so you can see what you want to see.

Tapping on a visit in your schedule opens the job details for the job that it belongs to. This page should look familiar, as it hasn’t changed much. We can see all the job information- client, address, job title etc. We also have the same options that allow you to update your job status, and create charges and notes. If we scroll down a bit, you’ll see that we’ve added in a list of all the visits for this job, so you can easily see what work is being done, and when. If you find that you cannot do a visit that you have been assigned to, you can easily unassign yourself from the visit by tapping on it, and tapping “Unassign Me.” Similarly, if you have some free time, and want to pick up an unassigned visit, tapping on it will allow you to assign yourself to it. This visit will now appear in your schedule, so that you can easily keep track of your day’s work.

Another new feature that we’ve introduced is unscheduled jobs. An unscheduled job is a job that does not yet have any visits scheduled. You can view unscheduled jobs by going to your job list, and changing the filter to “Unscheduled”. Unscheduled jobs are great for creating a record for a new job, even before you know when the work will be done. You can create these jobs straight from your mobile phone, just like you do now. On the add job page, you can fill in all the details for your job, such as job title, client, location etc. Once you’re created your job, tap “Next” and that’s it! You’ve now created an unscheduled job. You can choose whether to add visits to it immediately, or leave it unscheduled until a later date. To create a visit, we need to choose when the work will be done, add some details about what the work is, and choose someone to assign to the visit. As you’ll see, you can choose to assign the visit to yourself, to someone else, or to leave it unassigned. If you choose to assign it to someone else, you can pick someone from the Staff field.

Note: You have to press the Done button in the Filter box for the list to refresh with the correct filter settings.

Adding a Job & Visits on the mobile app

When you Add a Job on the mobile app, you need to enter the required fields of Client name, Job Address, and Job Title, just like on the web console. After you save the Job, a pop up dialog will appear, allowing you to either create a Job Visit now or later (choosing Later will create an Unscheduled Job, as it doesn’t any timeslots entered through Visits).

A Visit can be either assigned to a Staff member, or Unassigned, but it needs to have a timeframe.

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