Importing a list of jobs into GeoOp can be done with our Job CSV Import tool.


Importing Jobs to GeoOp is done by CSV import. CSV files are Comma Separated Value files and can be created via Microsoft Excel and many other programs.

However, due to the nature of Jobs in GeoOp, creating imported Jobs has certain restrictions and rules that must be carefully adhered to. Importing linked Job items such as Clients, assigned Staff, or mapping manually entered addresses in this way requires data to be clearly entered & error-free. Please be aware of this when preparing your data for import, & reviewing any Jobs created.

Creating your import sheet

You can find the Job Import tool at Settings > Manage Data > Import Jobs in the website console, or by going to Jobs > Job List > Add Jobs > Import Jobs.

Click the 'Download Sample CSV' button. This will give you a sample sheet of accepted fields, & examples of the format data in each column must match for the import to be successful.

You can now fill in the fields with specific information about the jobs you will be importing. Fill in the required fields for as many Jobs as you like, leaving no blank rows.

Rules on data allowed are as follows, red = required field:

Importing Jobs

Now Select a File to Upload, by clicking on the 'Choose File' button.

Note: Make sure you leave the ‘Ignore First Line...’ box ticked, as the top line of information in your Job Import Sheet is not needed to import your job data.

Locate your newly-updated Job Import sheet. Once found, click on the blue ‘Import’ button.

Once the file has been uploaded, GeoOp will show you a basic preview of the job data, as below. Check the data matches the fields.

If required at this point, amend your sheet and re-upload it. Once you are happy, click the ‘Proceed With Import’ button.

GeoOp will now create real jobs. Anyone in your company with the right permissions can view these jobs straight away. If you have assigned workgroups to the selected jobs your staff will be updated on their new jobs too.

You have successfully imported your Jobs into GeoOp!

Job matching and adding multiple Visits

If Job information matches for more than one line, multiple Visits would be created using the Job Start & End Date/Time. The fields that need to match are Job Title, Job Reference, Order Number, Job Address 1, Job Address 2, Job City, and Postcode.

So if you had two lines, with the same above information, but different dates and times, the import would create a Job and Visit using the first line, and then add a second Visit to the same Job using the second line.

Note: if you enter in the details of an existing Job, it won't add another Visit to it, even if all the fields match as above. The CSV can only add multiple Visits for Jobs in the same file.

Client matching

Single company name match
If the Job line on the CSV is provided with a company name that matches a single existing GeoOp Client, it will create the Job for that Client.

No contact details will change on the Client itself (eg address, phone, names) if provided differently on the Job Import sheet. However, the address as given will be used on the Job itself, exactly as provided.

Multiple company name matches
If the Job request matches to more than one company name on your Clients it will create the Job on the first match available.

Note: If this happens, but you wish to have the Job logged under a different Client, you will have to manage this. For example, you could merge the new Client and the target one. See our article on Merging Clients here. If this is not practical for any reason you will have to re-create the Job elsewhere or amend the new Client.

No company name match
If there is no match on a company name, the Job Import will look for a match on First Name and Last Name.

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