GeoOp is designed to be flexible in the way you manage jobs, and assign jobs to your staff, and the main tool that helps you with this is the Scheduler, which you can access via Jobs > Schedule. We’ll look at some of its features below.

Schedule views and filters

To the left of the calendar we have a Find a Job Panel to search for and filter existing Jobs. Firstly you can search for specific Jobs (by entering Client, Staff, Job Reference or Address info) using the Search field. When you've performed a search you can sort the results or filter by Job Status

You can also view just Unscheduled Jobs, or All Jobs (with the option of seeing only Jobs with unassigned Visits).

Workgroup(s) filter & Staff Selector: Used to filter out and choose specific Staff members to view on the Schedule.

Pressing Today or This Week or This Month, takes you to the current day, week, or month respectively, if you've moved the calendar into the past or future.

You can also click the Calendar icon to go a specific date.

The Scheduler’s 3 main views - Day, Week, and Month - can be selected on the top right.

Clicking on the Settings icon, gives you some advanced options to play with:

Hour Range: Allows you to select the range of the Schedule when it’s set to Day view.

Visit Display Order: Can be particularly useful – changing the order of information that displays on Schedule items.

Show Job Status: Selecting this option will show the Job Status on the Visits. Please note that the status flag is for the whole Job, and not the individual Visit.

Important Note: There is no setting in the Schedule to control refreshes of your Schedule view. This happens automatically every 30 seconds.

Assigning Visits

Assigning or Reassigning Jobs Visits in the Schedule is quick, easy and convenient. This is because most actions can be performed with simple drag and drop motions.

In any view, simply click and hold on a Visit Card, drag it from one Staff member’s slot to the intended Staff member‘s calendar slot as required, then release the mouse button- that will assign them to the Visit and amend any date/time details. You can similarly drag and drop an unassigned Visit straight to a Staff member's slot.

Note: Clicking a Visit on the Schedule will open the Job details on the left panel, with all the Visit details. From there, you can edit the Job details, and add or edit Visits. The Schedule will also highlight all Visits visible in the current view.

Advanced User Tip: When a Job is showing on left panel, clicking on a Visit from the list will automatically take to you that Visit on the Schedule.

Advanced User Tip: You can also edit a specific Visit by double-clicking on it. This will bring up the Job details on the left panel, and also the specific Visit information.

If you drag and drop a Visit in the wrong place, don't worry, simply click and drag it again to where you want it to go.

Tip: You can also easily change the duration of the Visit by dragging the right edge of the Visit Card.

Adding Jobs & Visits in the Schedule

To add a new Job into the Schedule, click on the Add Job button at the top of the left panel. This will allow you to create a Job and then add Visits as normal.

You can also click/drag into a space on the Schedule to create a Visit for a specific Job. Clicking or dragging in a space will bring up a dialog which automatically fills in the Date, Time, and Assigned Staff (Unassigned if you click in the Unassigned row), and allows you to search for a Job to add the Visit to.

Note: If you’re viewing currently viewing a Job in the left panel, it will allow you to add the Visit to the Currently Selected Job.

Note: The colours that appear for each Staff are set as a default, and will be different for each Staff member. You can control the colours if none suit your use. Please see our article on Editing Staff here.

The flexibility of the Scheduler allows you to work with jobs in the best way that suits you and your business.

Job update Notifications

One of the most important things to consider as you use GeoOp to manage your Jobs, is that key changes you make to Jobs (changing Job assignments, times, dates etc), either in the Scheduler or elsewhere in GeoOp, will automatically create Notifications to the Staff members concerned through GeoOp on their mobile devices. And any changes made that do not create Notifications will still be updated in real time to the Job record itself on their devices, so they will always have access to the latest information.

Note: If you are logged in on your device as the same User who made changes on the web console, you will not receive any notifications for changes.

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