Adding notes or files to Jobs in GeoOp couldn't be easier. On the mobile applications, a file or note can be added either to the Job itself as a general record, or attached to a particular Charge item (time/labour or parts).

Adding Files

Adding files to Jobs can only be done via GeoOp Office. To upload a file to a particular Job, go to your Jobs list and click on your Job to edit it. Click the Add Note button. In the Add Note window that appears, add notes as required, and choose a file to upload. You can upload any file types you wish, the only restriction being Staff opening the files on their phones.

Tip: If you wish to add a file to Jobs repeatedly, for example, a commonly used set of guidelines or plans, you can create a Job Template with the file(s) attached. Then all subsequent Jobs created from this template you can choose to include the files attached.

Adding Notes

Notes is quite a broad term as the types of notes you can create on a Job are many. When a Job is created (either via the website or a mobile device) you firstly have a description field, which is in effect an initial note for recording all further details your Staff member needs to know.

When on a Job, a Staff member can create a note via the Notes tab, by then clicking the + icon.

Field Staff can also attach a note directly to a time/labour or part charge record. All notes can contain text as required, but in addition to text you can also:

  • Take photos with your device's camera;
  • Add existing photos from your device's gallery;
  • Record signatures;
  • Record audio files.

Photos: Photos taken through the GeoOp app will be uploaded directly to the GeoOp server for viewing in the Job record as required. Photos taken this way are not saved to the individual mobile device. Picture quality can be set to Standard or High in the GeoOp Settings on the main menu.

Signatures: A signature can be captured directly onto the device's touchscreen (be sure to not use an object that might damage the screen. A finger is usually fine...), as a form of authorisation for a quote acceptance or billing change. Remember a note can be added directly to a Charge item if needed.

Note: Although not it's main intended use, the Signature pad can also be used as a basic sketch pad, for sketch or plan work. We recommend getting a basic pad pen/stylus if you do, as it'll make things much easier. They cost about US$15 from online outlets.

Audio files: Possibly the best way of recording temporary notes of a detailed nature, as writing on a mobile device whilst on a Job can be a burden to some Staff.

Remember, all notes added will be attached to the Job record for permanent reference at any time. If you wish to take the content of a note out of GeoOp for any reason, for example emailing a photo to a Client, you will need to log into the website. Navigate to the Job via the Jobs list. On the Edit Job screen, click the Notes & Files tab. From here, you can simply tick any notes or files on the left of each record, then click the Email button above. In the next window select to send the email to the Staff Email (Primary Staff member only), Client Email (Main Client, not Billing Client) or both.

Additionally, if you would like a PDF record of your Job details, including files added, you can download this via the website (from the Edit Job screen), or email one from the mobile app via the mail logo on the iPad.

File sizes & types allowed for upload

When adding via any platform, the maximum file size allowed is 8mb

Major file types that are allowed for upload are: 3GP, CSV, DOC, DOCX, GIF, JPEG, JPG, M4A, MOV, MP3, MP4, MPG, ODP, ODS, ODT, PDF, PNG, PPT, RTF, TAR, TXT, WAV, WMA, XLS, XLSX, XPS, ZIP

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