Deleting Jobs

You can easily delete Job/s via the Job List. Simply click on the box to the left of any specific job/s, then hover your mouse over the green 'Selected' option located at the top right of your screen, then select the 'Delete Selected' option.

Note: If you wish to delete a full page of Jobs this is possible via the single tick box located below the green 'Selected' option on the top-left of the Jobs List page, then 'Delete Selected' as per the above paragraph.

Note: You cannot currently delete all Jobs at one time. The system will only allow one page at a time.

Note: You can only delete Jobs if you have Administration permissions set in Staff Roles.

Deleting Time & Parts

Deleting Charges or Parts is a similar process to deleting Jobs. Simply go into the Time & Parts tab in a Job, and select the items you wish to remove from the Job before moving your mouse over the 'Selected' option at the top and clicking 'Delete Selected'.

If you wish to remove a Charge from GeoOp completely, go to Settings -> Charges, and press the (-) button next to the 'Duplicate' option.

If you wish to remove a Part from GeoOp completely, go to Settings -> Parts, and press 'Edit' on the top right. You can then click the (-) button next to the 'Duplicate' option.

Note: If you are integrated with Xero or Unleashed, any changes you make to Parts, including removing the Part from GeoOp, must be done in Xero or Unleashed. Once it's removed, if you go to the Parts List and press Sync Parts, it will update the list accordingly.

Deleting Notes & Files

To delete a Note, Photo, or File attached to a Job, manoeuvre to the Notes & Files , and click the (-) button next to the file you wish to delete.

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