You can now have Jobs created by new Clients outside of GeoOp, by adding a portal to your businesses web page.

Important Note: This portal must be created by your own IT staff and cannot be created for you by GeoOp.

It is intended for use as a Job request tool for new clients only, as requests through this system will create a new Client in GeoOp. For businesses requiring existing Client job requests you have 2 options:

  • Using the GeoOp API. This requires a broader IT competency to implement. If you are interested, you can find the GeoOp API documentation here.
  • Providing Client access to your account. This is a relatively new feature by which you can provide select Clients access to your account in much the same way one of your Staff members. They can then be enabled to create Jobs on their account. For further details please read our article here.

Implementing GeoOp Email to Job

The process for creating this system is as follows:

  1. Firstly provide this information to your IT staff to check they are capable of implementing the system as required. It will be your responsibility to ensure field and format control to provide clean data that GeoOp can read.
  2. Each account has a unique email address to send job emails to. This must be requested from the GeoOp Support Team, by clicking here. It will be returned to you in the format
  3. Create your web portal using the fields chosen from the below list. Some fields are required as a basic minimum to create a Job and a Client. All other fields are optional. See the table for further details.

Note: All field values in the email should be formatted like [FIELDNAME:VALUE] – a set of dummy completed fields can be found below the table.

Note: Attachments to the email will be added as file notes on the Job.

Note: Job request emails that are unsuccessful will be picked up and a notification of the failure will be sent to your account owner’s email address. Troubleshooting failed emails with your Clients will be your responsibility.

Note: The email key is case sensitive. It must follow the format

Fields supported by the email form

Sample email data

Below is a full set of sample data as it could be sent to your unique email address:





[TIMEENDDATE:22 Nov 2012]




[TITLE: Email to Job1!]

[DESCRIPTION:A job and client created from an e-mail]

[ADDRESS:123 Imaginary Street]

[SUBURB:Fake Valley]

[CITY:Fake City]



[CLIENT_COMPANY: Jamie's Plumbing Co]



[CLIENT_ADDRESS:1 Tautari Street]



[CLIENT_PHONE:09 623 677]

[CLIENT_MOBILE:021 020 2020]


[CLIENT_FAX:09 623 678]




[CLIENT_NOTES:these are notes]


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