Job details can be sent by text or email, if required. Navigate to the Edit Job screen, then click on the Messages tab To the right of the screen is the Send Messages panel. Up to 6 ticks boxes will show:

  1. Client mobile
  2. Client email
  3. Billing Client mobile
  4. Billing Client email
  5. Staff mobile
  6. Staff email

Note: If you have no separate Billing Client for the job then no tick boxes will show for it.

Note: If you only see some or none of these tick box options, that means that you haven’t filled in the relevant mobile or email fields in the Client or Staff records. Or perhaps you haven’t yet assigned the job to a staff member.

Once you’ve selected/ticked who you want to send a message to, simply click “include job description” and/or “include job address” to auto-populate the message with key job data. You can also type anything else you need to.

Emailing Job Notes

Job Notes can also be sent as emails. From the Job Details screen, go to the Notes & Files tab. Tick the notes you want to email via the tick boxes to the left of each note line, then click the Email button at the top of the tick box column. A pop up will appear detailing your selected note attachments and options similar to the above process.

If the Client doesn't have an email address, it will give you the option of typing in an email address to send to.

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