A great new feature has now been added to the iPad and Android platforms to enable you to access advanced functions around document and file management.

Uploading files to Jobs on the iPad

You can attach files, images, documents etc on your iPad to a Job in GeoOp. From your chosen app, simply click the 'Open In' icon, then select the GeoOp icon. This will open up an panel in GeoOp to enable you to choose the Job you wish to add the file to.

Exporting and re-importing files to the iPad

If you have a file already attached to a Job in GeoOp, that you wish to edit in another app on your iPad, do the following:

Note: For this example the file type is a PDF, though depending on your installed apps you could open assorted file types, for example image files, edit them in your chosen app, then re-import them.

  • Go the the PDF file under the Notes tab of your Job. Click on the PDF to view it. When viewing the PDF, click the Open In icon on the top-right of your panel.
  • You will be presented with icons for all installed apps that can open your chosen PDF. Choose the app that you wish to use.
  • The PDF will open in the app, and you can then amend as required. For example PDFs can have signatures added directly to them, notes added on them, or if the PDF is a form this can be completed at this point.
  • When done, click the Open In icon again to send the file back to GeoOp. The amended file will then be re-saved back to the Job you opened it from.

For further details, please see the feature video by clicking here.

This feature for Android

All the above is also available on the Android platform, and the process is only marginally different. More detailed instructions will follow soon on this page, though please contact us with any specific queries.

This feature and your business

This can provide the extra flexibility to your business workflow that you might require. Though we never say never, GeoOp cannot currently allow you to create and edit custom forms within the system. However, with this functionality, all forms you currently use can be accessed from GeoOp Jobs, completed and re-saved as such. To create editable PDFs such as forms you will firstly need a program such as Adobe Acrobat. There are also other software solutions for this function and we encourage you to see which is best for you. Create your PDF forms and attach them to any relevant Jobs, or save them to templates you might be using. See Job Templates for further details.

For each mobile staff member you will also need an app on your mobile device that allows you to edit and save PDFs. We recommend something like PDF Expert. You can then complete your custom forms in a professional manner and have them attached to your Jobs as required. No more carrying around documents - everything your work process needs can be taken care of through GeoOp and your chosen PDF editior.

An app like PDF Expert also has other functions. Whilst you can obviously capture signatures in GeoOp as required, PDF Expert allows signatures or notes to be added directly to your PDF. So if you require that customer signature to be on a line of your document, T&Cs, form or GeoOp Quote, you can now do that.

Other applications for the new GeoOp functionality are as broad as your imagination allows. You can attach any type of file to a Job in GeoOp. So, if you can access an app on your mobile device that can edit that type of file, you're away. This could be picture files, design or plan files, the choice is yours.

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