Selecting Staff & Jobs on the GeoMap

The fields to the left of the GeoMap are your selection criteria for info displayed on the map.

To show the (last logged in) location of a Staff member, select them from the drop down list. Then choose an icon colour for the Staff member, & click Update Map. The map to the right of your screen will show an icon with their initials or profile picture, which is their last known location. Clicking the icon will show when it was recorded, as well as contact details for that staff member.

Note: If a Staff member has no Geo Mapped mobile phone number, they will not show on the map as there will be no info to show.

To show specific Jobs based upon Job Status or all Jobs, follow the same process as above with the Jobs drop down boxes.

Your selections will be added to the 'Key' data below the selection fields, & can be removed as required.

Changing the timeframe to display

To change the time of Jobs and Staff locations to display, drag the left & right sliders at the top of the map. Click Apply when done.

Note: Last used selection criteria for the GeoMap will be saved for the next time you use it.

Staff location markers

If you click on a location marker on the GeoMap, you may find that it also lists "Other Times Here". This is because, at that zoom level, it will display only one marker for several data points. As you zoom in, the single marker would break up into several markers, based on the actual data points.

E.g. Clicking on one location marker may show 3 other times at that location. As you zoom in, it will break up into a total of 4 location markers that more accurately display the actual positions.

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