To access your account details, go to Staff > Your Account on the website.

How do I change a password?

The first tab available displays your Username and Password, which will always show blank here but can be reset or changed simply by typing a new password in and clicking Save. Also displayed are key contact details, a Company field (particularly relevant for Contractors) and the Staff Role field. Setting the Staff Role appropriately, and having accurate Charge Rates available for the Role is vital for smooth Job management in GeoOp.

You can also upload photos for each Staff member here. It is recommended you encourage Staff to upload photos, as it both makes it easier to pick out Staff from a list, and is much more key to personalising your GeoOp workspace in a pleasant way than any other option available.

Lastly, you can see the Staff member's current location via the live map, and view and edit Staff status text here if required.

Other tabs available to you in Your Account:

  • Jobs: View a full Job history for Jobs assigned to the chosen Staff member, and click directly to view each Job;
  • Map: View the Staff member's GeoOp Map of all Jobs worked on, with a number of filtering options available;
  • Updates: As per the main Overview tab, view a list of all actions (Job edits, notes, documents created etc) by that Staff member;
  • Messages: All messages sent to/from that Staff member via GeoOp. Also send an email or text to them directly.

Your account on the mobile app

On the mobile app, click your name (or 'me') from the main menu. You have access to much of the same info, and can edit contact details, photo etc, and view past Jobs.

Editing other Staff

To edit other Staff details, select the relevant Staff member from your Staff list on the website. This will take you to the Edit Staff screen, which displays the same tabs as Your Account, described above. You will need to have the appropriate Permissions set to edit other Staff.

Deactivating Staff / suspending GeoOp access

As well as the above options, you have the option as an Administrator to deactivate Staff members. This means that whilst the Staff member record remains intact, and can be reactivate at any point, whilst they are Inactive they will no longer be able to log into the GeoOp mobile app or web console. They also no longer count as a used licence for your pricing plan.

This feature could be particularly useful for managing Staff long-term leave, or suspension periods. It is sensible to locate all future jobs assigned to a staff member - and to reassign then to another staff before marking them as inactive. You can filter the Job List via staff member, or from the staff list, view the staff member's jobs tab to see all their jobs.

To activate or deactivate a Staff member, tick or untick the Active box at the top-right of the relevant Edit Staff screen, just above the Staff photo. Changes to this setting will save automatically, independently of the main page save button.

Keep in mind, deactivating a staff member means you won't lose any of your visits associated to them.

Deleting Staff

Deleting a staff member is irreversible - we are unable to recover staff information once deleted, so think carefully about this. To delete any Staff records you want, simply navigate to the Staff List screen, tick the boxes to the left of Staff names you want to delete, then click the Selected button above the tick boxes. Choose Delete Selected from the button option.

Staff Colour Picker

The Staff colour picker is accessed via the Staff List records (as below) or on the Edit Staff screen. The colour you choose for each Staff member will then display for their entries on the Job Scheduler.

  • Click on the icon to either choose from the suggested defaults on the left of the popup. These colours have been chosen to work well with the white text that will display on them.
  • Or you can slide the colour bar on the right & pick any colour you wish from the central panel.
  • Click Save when done.
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