Timezone settings are managed in the following ways:

  • In the website console, navigate to Settings > Company Account > Company Information. The timezone setting here is your account timezone. This will provide a consistent for document generation & any other server tasks related to your account
  • Visible times on things like Jobs & Job Visits will display according to the timezone setting on your PC. This means you can choose to display times in your business timezone, or in the local timezone should this be more convenient (without changing the default on the account setting)

Limitations: Only one timezone can be set per account. This may impact jobs scheduled in other timezones

Note: If there is a variance between your timezone account setting & your PC setting, GeoOp will inform you.

  • Mobile app users will always see visible times appropriate to the timezone they login to the mobile app in


If you regularly work and travel out of your time zone, you may want to know that GeoOp will work normally no matter where you are. That means you can schedule Visits without having to calculate differences in time, and attend Jobs without trying to figure out what time locally it's Scheduled for, because GeoOp uses the computer or device's location to determine what times it displays.

Here are some examples of what you can and can't do:

  • There is a Visit scheduled for one of your workers that finishes 9:00 am, who you need to call after the Job is completed. You are in a time zone that is 2 hours ahead, so when you log in, you will see that the Visit finishes 11:00 am local time. So you know that you can call after 11:00am to check on the progress of that Job
  • Uploading a Note/File or adding a Time/Part: Actions such as this will still use the time zone set in your account (Settings -> Company Account -> Company Information)
  • Viewing a Job when when you're in another timezone: If the Visit for that Job was scheduled for 4:00pm, and you're in a time zone that's 2 hours ahead, then the Visit will show as being scheduled for 6:00pm local time

Just remember that anything that requires an item or file to be added will show as being added at the current time in the time zone you have set in your account. However viewing the times of any Visits will show it according to the time zone your computer or device is in.

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