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Using the Windows 8 app is quite similar to using the iPhone, iPad, or Android app, but the layout of the app adapts to the distinctive Windows 8 style, and provides a few unique features.

Note: At this stage, the phone and tablet app are read-only. This means that it’s not possible to add or edit Jobs or Visits, although you can assign an existing Visit to yourself. You can view all the information, but the only changes you can make are to change the Status of a Job, add Time/Parts and Notes/Files.

Phone: You can access the menu at any point by pressing the 3 dots at the bottom right of the screen.

Tablet: Swipe down from the top to access the menu.

Important Note: There is currently no automatic syncing on the Windows 8 apps. It will sync when you leave and enter the Schedule, Job List, or Home page. You can also do a manual refresh by pressing the sync button.


An interactive home screen makes the Windows 8 app very flexible and practical. Swiping across the home screen takes you through to pages that show other handy information such as upcoming Visits, and an active Map of your Visits for today.

Advanced User Tip: You can also add Staff, or Clients to the home screen for easy access, by pressing the star icon when it’s visible.

Job List

The Job List shows the basic information including the Job Title, Client and Company name, and the address, as well as the status of the Job on the right of each card.

Phone: Sorting the list can be done by tapping the icon in the middle of the bottom bar. You can also search for Jobs by pressing the magnifying glass button.

Tablet: The sort and search options are in the panel on the left.

The sorting options allow you to order Jobs by either Unscheduled Jobs first, Status, Newest First, or Oldest First.


The Schedule view, which allows you to view Visits according to the date and time, has 3 different time filters: Past, Today, and Future, which can each by accessed by swiping horizontally across the screen.

Phone: Filtering the Schedule can be done by pressing the filter icon in the bottom bar.

Tablet: The filter options, which include the ability to filter by date, are in the panel on the left.

Filtering will allow you to show either your Schedule (which is just Visits that you’re assigned to), or everyone’s Schedule. You can also choose to include Unassigned Visits.

Tapping the Visit takes you to the Job details.


When you are in a Job, you can swipe across the screen to access different aspects of a Job, including the details, Charges, and Notes.

Phone: The Job Details page shows all the information for the Job, including the Visits. In the bottom bar, there are options to show the location of the Job on the map, see all the Staff assigned to Visits on the Job, and to pin the Job to the main Windows home screen.

Tablet: The Job Details shows information about the Job, including the map. Tapping Job Contacts shows all Staff assigned to Visits on the Job. The tablet has a separate Schedule screen with the Visits for the Job.

The Charges screen shows a list of the Time & Parts added to the Job.

Phone: Pressing the + button lets you choose a Part or a Time to add to the Job. To edit an item, simply tap on it. If it’s a quote, tapping on it will bring it to another page with the quoted information, and tapping on the quoted charge again will allow you to edit it. You need to be in the edit screen to delete an item, which can be done by pressing the rubbish bin icon.

Tablet: You can choose whether to add a Part or Time in the panel on the right. To edit an item, tap on it, which will give you the option View Details, Quick Edit, or Delete it. Quick Edit allows you to modify the quantity and description, while View Details allows you to see more details about the charge. To edit a quoted item, you need to view its details, and then tap on the item.

Note: To add an actual against a quote, tap on the quote, and then press the + button.

Similarly, to add or view Notes such as a text note, a new photo, or a picture from your gallery, swipe onto the Notes screen.

Phone: Press the + button, and choose what type of note you wish to add.

Tablet: You can choose whether you want to add a text note or an image note.

Note: the current version of the app does not allow files to be uploaded, or signatures to be recorded.


People includes Staff and Clients, as well as your information.

Staff: Tapping on a Staff member shows their information, including their status, as well as their email address and phone number, which you can tap to contact them. Swiping also shows their Schedule, with their latest Visit showing at the top.

Client: Tapping on a Client shows their information, including their email address and phone number, which you can tap to contact them. You can also tap on their location to see it on the map. Swiping shows Jobs for the Client, as well as the Status of those Jobs.

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