Use the GeoOp Advanced Search options on the Jobs List or Client List to search outside the standard default fields used in the basic search.


For example, the basic search field on the Jobs List will look at the Job Title, Reference, Site Client name & the Job Address. Which can be useful for many purposes but not so much if you have common details you're searching for like a Client called John.

Clicking the Advanced Search text next to the main search field opens up a range of field options. You can choose to search in one particular field only, such as Client, or cross-reference across multiple fields.

Note: Any search results you receive will still be be filtered by any Job Date range entered.

New search fields available

As per the above picture, you have a range of new fields to now search within. Key ones would be the Job Description field, the Notes Description (basically the text field attached to any note or file attachment you might add to a Job, not the attachment itself), & the Client Notes field. This enables a range of practical applications, such as being able to record & later find Job or Client-relevant information such as equipment service numbers or other business-specific reference.

Note: Bear in mind that searching for information in the Client Notes field via the Job List will only return relevant Jobs for those Clients that match. However as Client Note information is not currently directly accessible via a Job record this might be difficult to verify results in this particular view. It may be more practical to perform these searches via the Client list (see below), though the choice is yours.

The Client advanced search

Function for this search is the same, though you have access to other fields such as phone, mobile & email.

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