Sending SMS/text messages from the GeoOp website

GeoOp’s text messaging (SMS) service is capable of sending texts to any Clients or Staff with mobile phone numbers correctly completed on their records.

To send a text to a Client, go to the client record and click on the Messages tab. Complete the Send Message fields to the right (choosing text, email or both options), then click the Send Message button.

Tip: Remember that certain Job updates made on the website will automatically create Notifications in the assigned staff member’s GeoOp app. Notifications include new jobs assigned, changes to job times or assignment, changes made to the Job Status, or changes to the job’s ‘Description’ field.

Other changes will not create notifications, but all data available on the Job is ‘live’ for the staff member’s reference at any time.

Tip: You can also send Job details to Clients and Staff via the Job record itself. See Sending Jobs by SMS/Text Message.

Sending SMS/text messages from mobile devices

For a mobile staff member to send a text to a Client from their GeoOp app, they simply click on the Job details from the Jobs Summary panel, then the client details in the next Job details panel. An icon to send a text will be next to the client’s mobile number.

Alternatively, the same process can be followed by accessing client directly under the Clients panel, or to other staff via the Staff panel (access to panels varies slightly on different platforms).

Receiving replies to the SMS/text messages sent from GeoOp

GeoOp’s SMS system is ‘one way’. This means all texts sent go out from a single number that you cannot amend.

However, for each new Staff account, the staff member has the option to ‘confirm’ their mobile number*, as entered in the mobile field under Staff > Your Account. The Confirm Mobile option will show at the top-right of the web page, near the ‘logout’ option, once you have entered and saved a mobile number.

  • Mobile number ‘confirmation’ is not currently available in New Zealand and parts of the USA. If available, the Confirm Mobile option will be present on your web page as discussed.

If you confirm your mobile number then all SMS messages sent to Clients or Staff from your account will appear to originate from your confirmed mobile number, even though actually sent via GeoOp. Replies, therefore, will come back directly to your mobile phone.

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