What are Integrations?

Integrations are how you connect GeoOp to other softwares. They take the hassle out of inventory management, invoicing, GPS tracking and more.

Many businesses are currently discovering the benefits of cloud-based software solutions, such as GeoOp, and the convenient and efficient work platform they provide. However, as with all businesses today, your business requires multiple software solutions to fit your needs and workflow. Integrations are there to streamline your products, so they talk to each other and make it easier out there on the road.

The Integrations you create from GeoOp will help with both the initial set up and simplify your business process. So any possible Integrations should be set very early in the process, and certainly before you create any clients as these can be imported as part of the integration process.

When created, GeoOp Integrations perform a number of useful tasks. The main Integrations provided at present are with Xero and Unleashed. Integration with accountancy services like Xero helps to smooth the transition to GeoOp, helping with creating clients and parts. Whereas an Integration with Unleashed boosts the productivity of both your on-site staff and office functions, and aids accurate job costing. For more information on some of our key Integrations, click the following links:

GeoOp has a number of other excellent Integrations available to help your business. For a full list of options, click here. (Links to the Integrations page in the product)

Do Integrations cost?

There is no cost to enable these Integrations, just the individual subscription cost for each service. For the Integrations mentioned above, see the individual websites for further details:

What if I can't use any Integrations?

Don't worry, though our Integrations are useful if you have them, GeoOp performs all its core functions of Mobile Job Management independently. Though we recommend you may want to consider using integrated products in the future, there are other options for transferring data in and out of GeoOp.

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