Back in the Office - Give Client Access in 3 Easy Steps

Looking to cut down your admin time? Give your Clients access to add, edit and review their own Jobs in three easy steps. This function is ideal if you have clients that require work on an ongoing basis. When set up correctly, your Client will have access to their Jobs and their Clients records.

1. Add Client

2. Create Permissions

3. Set up Access

Step 1: Adding a Client

For this function to work correctly, you will need to be using an existing Client record in your GeoOp account. If you haven’t added the client already, do so. See Adding Clients for further details.

Step 2: Creating the Permission

In Settings > Staff Roles, create a new role tailoring what you want the Client(s) to have access to.

We recommend giving the option to Edit All Jobs and Clients. Rest assured, your Client will be restricted to their own Jobs & Clients in Step 3.

For the last field ‘Allow Client login’ add your Clients name, select from the dropdown of Clients.

If you need help understanding Staff Roles & Permissions see here.

Step 3: Setting up Access

Finally, to create a login for your Client, you must add them as a Staff member.

Add them as you would usually a Staff member, except when you reach the Staff Role field, select the role you just added.

That gives your Client access to their Jobs on GeoOp.

Does the Client you gave access to have Clients in your GeoOp?

If your Client needs GeoOp access to include the ability to Edit and see Jobs for their Clients (ie the client's client), you will need to add the Client who you have just given access, as the ‘Bill to Client:’ in those Client records.

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