GeoOp Job Statuses are customisable tags that come in four colours providing real-time visibility as to what stage a Job is at.

Once customised to your company's workflow, you have complete visibility over what Jobs need work done, are waiting on parts or need to be invoiced (as an example).

Customising Job Status tags

You will need to have Admin access and perform this task on the Desktop.

From the Settings menu, select Company Account on the blue bar, then you will see Job Status Management as an option on the left.

To re-title the existing options, simply type over the text in each Status as required. To create a new Status, click the + icons next to the coloured Status labels.
To delete a Status record, click the - icon next to the Status text.

You can create as many as you like under the four colour tags.

Updating a Status on a Job

Jobs are created with a default green status. You can modify this when creating a Job or you can update the status of a Job by entering the 'Edit Job' function from either the App or the GeoOp Office. You can change the status of a Job as many times as necessary.

Note: When changing Job from any status to the grey status, it may take up to 24 hours to appear under the completed filter.

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