Payments can be recorded against a Job in GeoOp either via the website, or on a Job via a mobile device. This payment record will then show on your Charges and factor into invoicing appropriately.

Recording a payment via a mobile device

Important Note: When an invoice is created for a Job with a Payment on it, the invoice will automatically be created in an Approved state. Therefore if a user wishes to send payments from a mobile device they must follow these steps:

  1. Add all Charges required for invoicing to the Job
  2. Add a Payment(s) to the Job
  3. Invoice the Job

Any other combination of workflow will currently cause problems. This is due to the requirements of adding payments to Xero & the complexities of full payment management via mobile device.

If your Staff require further control over sending payments to Xero, (eg choosing between multiple invoices on a Job which to add the payment against) they are currently required to use the website console. Please see below for further info.

Important Note: Payments can only be sent to Xero against invoices if they do not exceed the current outstanding balance. If they do, the payment send will fail. This is a Xero requirement, & cannot currently be avoided

Note: If you have an Integration with a payment service like DPS or St George, you will also have the option of launching your DPS payment portal at this point. The payment will only add as a credit on the Charges list if the payment is successful.

Recording a payment via the website console

To add Payments against a Job, navigate to the Edit Job screen, then click the Add to Job > Add Payment button. Add required details then Save.

The console allows greater flexibility when sending Payments to Xero, but like the mobile apps has rules that need to be adhered to. Please follow these guidelines for successful Payment processing.

Important Note: Like the mobile app, when an invoice is created for a Job that has a payment, it will automatically be created as an Approved Invoice.

Note: If you want to add a Payment on the web console to a Job that's already invoiced, the invoice must be Approved before a Payment can be added to the invoice and sent to Xero.

  • Adding Payments to Jobs with a single Invoice on it can be sent from either screen
  • Adding Payments to Jobs with multiple invoices can only be done via the Invoicing screen

Note: It is recommended to send payments when possible via the Time & Parts tab, as invoice runs containing Payments will make all invoices in the run send as 'approved'. This may not be something that is desirable. Likewise, if there is a problem in the run due to one invoice (eg the Payment exceeds the outstanding balance), the entire run will fail & possibly cause greater admin work to identify.

If you have a single invoice on a Job, you can send Payments from the Time & Parts (Charges) tab of a particular Job:

  • Add any Payments to a Job via the Edit Job screen as detailed above
  • On the Time & Parts screen, click Invoice. This will send the Payment & any Billable Charges to Xero, & will automatically send the invoice as 'approved'

If you have multiple invoices on a Job, you can only send Payments from the Invoicing screen:

  • Create all invoices required on the Job. Do not send the Payments with the invoice runs
  • Once the invoices have been created & have been approved, payments can now be sent against them
  • Isolate the payment you wish to send (only send one Payment at a time). There will be a drop-down field next to it. From this field, select which invoice you wish to assign the Payment to
  • Click Send to Xero
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