Importing allows you to quickly get company information into GeoOp. This can include:

  • Client records
  • Jobs
  • Parts

If you have an Accounting Integration you can import your Clients from Settings/Import Clients where you will be prompted to import from your integration. You can also import your parts list from your Accounting Integration by going to Settings/Parts and clicking "+ Sync Parts".


We have created a series of CSV templates to help you get started getting your data into GeoOp. Please make sure the information is applicable to the column headers, first name, last name etc. These are available on these pages within GeoOp:

Note: For each type of information you want to import, make sure you download the sample CSV files provided to make sure that the data is imported correctly.


The information you can export includes:

  • Client information
  • Job information: you can choose a date range between which to export information from, and also choose to export Unscheduled Jobs. (One thing to keep in mind, when exporting jobs, we have a limit of 15,000 jobs per CSV. So if you'd like to export more jobs than that, you will need to break it up.)
  • Exporting by Charges: the export will be ordered by Charges in Jobs that fall in the selected date range. Note: The Staff column shows the Staff member who added the Charge, not the Staff member assigned to Visits on the Job.
  • Exporting by Status: the export will be ordered by Status changes in Jobs that fall in the selected date range.
  • Staff information
  • Parts information

Deleting Information

You also have the option to delete all Client information or all Parts information in GeoOp.

Note: Deleting Client or Parts information in GeoOp will not delete that information in any integrated software such as Xero.

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