Job Templates are, as the name implies, just templates. They are not real jobs, so you won’t see them in mobile apps (Android or iOS), and they won’t be appearing under Schedule page. Job Templates are only accessible to Admin users, so you might not see this option even if you can create jobs.

Job Templates

You can use job templates when something should always be added to a job. For example, if a certain type of job always require a PDF document (e.g. safety checklist) attached, you can attach the file to the template, so that every time a job is created from this template, that file is attached automatically, saving you the time and effort of adding it manually.

When creating a Job Template, you need to provide at least the job template title.

Copy Job

Sometimes, jobs are similar, and it’s a waste of time to repeat those things. In that case, you can copy everything - job details, visits, clients, time and parts, attachments - at the same time, so that you don’t have to add them manually. You can either copy from a normal job, or a job template.

Recurring jobs

Some people call this “regular” jobs or “repeating jobs” or “re-occurring jobs.” Whatever the name, Job Templates feature allows you to instruct the system to automatically create jobs with a specified pattern in the future, so that you don’t have to deal with them manually. We’ll cover more details regarding Recurring Jobs in a separate article.

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