In Job Templates, you can set up repeating patterns and create Recurring Jobs from a Job Template. In order to use Recurrences, you would need to have these four things in the job template:

  1. Client
  2. Job Title
  3. Job Address
  4. Visit(s)

Note that only client and title are required when making a job template, so you might notice that sometimes “Recurrence” is not visible in job templates. That’s normally because one or more of the four requirements has not been entered.

Also note that Recurrences config would only affect the future. You cannot create recurring jobs in the past. Also, whatever changes you make in a job template would not affect past jobs.

Recurrence Pattern

Recurrence Pattern basically means “How (often) do you want to repeat these jobs?” At the moment you can repeat them in four different ways:

  1. Every X days (for example, clean puppy’s water bowl every 2 days)
  2. Every X weekdays (for example, go to the gym every 2 days, but skip weekends)
  3. On Xday, every X weeks (for example, clean the office every other Tuesday)
  4. Day X of every X months (for example, board meeting on 15th of every 6 months)

Recurrence Range

Recurrence Range means “When does this start, and when does it end?” Normally, if you have a term contract with someone, there should be an end date (in case you forget about it at the end of the contract).Or you could be a contractor caretaker that’s paid to do 52 weekly sessions, in this case it should end after 52 repeats.

Edit Recurrences

Job details may change. For example, the client could move to a new apartment, so that the job location changes. The client might want to extend the contract, so that the End Date changes. The client might want more sessions because your service is amazing, so that the Recurrence Pattern changes from biweekly to weekly. No matter what, you would need to make changes to the job template accordingly.

Please always remember to click on “CREATE JOBS” once you make those changes, so that the changes can be applied to future recurring jobs.

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