When editing your company details, the following points are worth noting:

Company Logo: This will be used for all company documentation such as quote PDFs. We recommend uploading JPEG or PNG images. While a number of formats are accepted, using a bmp file will cause the logo to not print out onto document templates. Make sure you scroll to the bottom of the details page and click 'save' - only then will the logo appear.

Company Name, and contact details can also be used for documents. We also use them to communicate with you, so best keep them up to date with the most appropriate details.

Company Email, If you set up an email address here, this will be the company reply email address. Meaning anytime you send an email from within GeoOp, if the customer replies, this is the email address those replies will come to.

The 'Access GeoOp with' link can be given to any staff or contractors to login to the companies GeoOp Office.

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