To make things even easier and quicker when creating Jobs, you have other functions such as copying an existing Job to either a new Job, or using it to create a Job Template.

Copying Jobs

To access either of these functions, navigate to the required Job via your Jobs list, and click on it to go to the Edit Job screen. Next to the Job title you'll see the Copy Job button. Click this, and a new window will appear. In this new Copy Job window you then have the option of instantly creating a new job based on the one you selected, or saving the job as a template. You also have extra tick-box options for using the same Client, Staff or Notes as your existing Job. Click Save when done.

Job Templates

To view your existing templates, click on the Jobs tab, then Job Templates. To create a new Template, click the green Add Template button.

On the Job Templates screen you have the option to search for templates by creation date, or enter the original Job Reference, Client or Address in the Search box. You also have the option of creating a new template by clicking the Add Template button.

Click on a template to edit it. You can attach notes and documents to templates and these will be available on any Jobs created off it. In the Recurrences tab, you can edit how often that Job recurs.

Top Tip: A Job Template is not a Job itself. You can save as many as you like for future simple Job creation, or for setting up Recurring Jobs.

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