Enable Quote Parts & Labour

When adding parts and labour to a Job this gives the option of selecting whether the item is for a quote or is the actual item. You can use this feature to create quotes and also invoices from any combination of quoted or actual items.
This function is designed for complete visibility over the accuracy of job costing and quoting. If this setting is t enabled, all labour or parts will be added to Jobs as actuals.

Allow Separate Billing Client
The ability to add a separate billing client to a Job

Enable Job Copy, Templates and Recurrence
Enables Jobs to be copied and set as templates, and Job recurrences to be automatically created.

Recurrence Limit (Days)
Defines how far in advance should GeoOp create recurring Jobs.

Dropdown Menu on Job Title
Enables the selection of previous job titles in a new Job's Title field. This is useful when consistent Job Titles are required.

Staff Last Heard From (Hours)
Defines the amount of time since a Staff member last used GeoOp, after which their map icons will appear smaller on maps.

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