If you have performed an Integration with Xero, your tax rates (Chart of Accounts) will be imported as part of the process and viewable on this page. See Integrations for further details.

When integrated with Xero you must define the defaults for the following 3 areas:

  • Charges Code is used on Staff Charge Rates.
  • Parts Code is assigned to Inventory lists. See Managing Parts in GeoOp for further details.
  • Payments Code is assigned to payments received that are logged against a Job (typically by a mobile Staff member on site). See Payments for further details

Top Tip: For other Integrations (ie Freshbooks), or for when no Integration is present (as below), the Payments Code default is not required.

All rates will be listed in the bottom table, you must then define your defaults as required. These will be applied to the relevant areas (Charges, Parts or Payments).

Top Tip: The default rates will not show in the tables themselves and you can - if you wish - enter further specific codes to carry from the defaults in the appropriate table entries.

To add tax rates manually click the Add Rate button for each entry. Define the name and tax percentage (%), then Save each rate. Choose defaults in the boxes above.

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