To merge Clients in GeoOp, simply navigate to Clients > Client List. Select 2 Clients from your list (you cannot merge more than 2 at one time) via the tickboxes to the left of the columns. Then click the 'Selected' actions button at the top-left of the Client List.

This will bring up a popup as per the pic below:

From here, simply select which fields you would like to take to the merged record. When done, click Merge.

Note: Only fields with data in from at least one Client will display.

Note: Please pay careful attention to the Client Code field, if it is present & relevant. If you update Client records via import this will need to stay accurate.

Important Note: Below the fields list we have provided a current Job count. This is for reference only, to help you identify the primary record (in case data details are similar or identical). However all Jobs on both Clients will be present on the new final merged record.

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