Every accounting integration requires slightly different information. Sometimes, they require more than what Geo requires, so that there’s not enough info to send through. Sometimes, the integration might have disconnected. Sometimes, Geo or your accounting platform might have some problems with the API, so that the information is not going through properly.

Besides contacting support, here are a few things that you can try if you get a failure:

Check what’s mentioned in the error message

If the error message is clear (e.g. “Invoice number must be unique”), it normally means that you’ve made a mistake with the configs, or the data given is not valid. Check what the error message says - most of the time a simple change would resolve it.

Reconnect the integration

If the integration is broken, Geo would no longer be authorized to send or receive information from your accounting system. When Geo attempts to do so, you might see an error message related to “Authentication.” When this happens, reconnection would usually resolve it.

Check your invoicing options

Under Settings > Company Account > Invoicing Options, you can see all the options for your account. This page is especially important for Xero integration, which has the most options available, for example unspecified tax codes/rates is a common reason for invoicing failures.

Look out for emojis!

Emojis - for example ❤ - and other special ANSI/Unicode characters are not supported at the moment. Although they can be adorable, having them in your client names or item descriptions would cause invoicing failures too.

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