GeoOp allows you to add a separate billing client and the actual job (sometimes reffered to as the 'site' location.

To enable the billing client function, firstly go to Company Settings and ensure 'Allow Separate Billing Client' is selected. When done, go to the Client record you wish to add a separate billing client to and look up the correct Client record in the 'Default Billing Client' field.

If a Client has multiple 'site' client records (eg multiple sites a Job could be attached to, but that fall under the main Client, and would commonly be billed to the main Client record), go to each of the 'site' client records in turn and set the 'Default Billing Client' field to be the main Client.

Importing Default Billing Clients

When importing or updating Clients via CSV import, you can also set the Default Billing Client. This can only be done by adding an accurate Client 'Code' into the Billing Client Code column of your import sheet. Names cannot be used. Points to note:

  • The Billing Client themselves must be an existing Client record in GeoOp already. Billing Clients and linked normal Clients cannot be imported/linked at the same time;
  • If the Billing Client does not yet exist, either create it in GeoOp and give the record an original Code, or import any Billing Clients separately to have a code assigned to them;
  • All Billing Clients you wish to add to normal Clients via an import must have an original Client Code. If you are not sure if they have a code, either check the Code field on their record or perform a full Export of Client data via Settings > Manage Data. This will provide you with a full list of your Clients and Codes which you can reference.
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