This article gives an overview of how Job Share and Job Share Plus work in GeoOp.

Job Share - When enabled Job Share emails a link to your clients. This link opens a Job Dashboard with basic read-only job details for any job you add for that Client in GeoOp.

Job Share Plus - When enabled Job Share Plus allows your client to login and add jobs for you into GeoOp. This saves you time answering calls and allows your key clients to add jobs at their convenience.

Job Share
Job Share can be enabled in three ways:

Globally for all Clients in settings

For multiple clients on the client list

For individual clients in the client record

For each client where Job Share is enabled an automatic email invite to a Job Dashboard will be sent, when a Job is added.

What information will be contained on the Job Dashboard?

Client Details, the Job Title, Job location, Visits with the assigned staff member (or if the visit is unassigned or the Job is unscheduled)

An Example of the Job Dashboard Note: Every Job added with Job Share enabled will create a unique Job Dashboard.

Top Tip: The Job Dashboard will show up to date when the Job Dashboard is opened.

I want to send a Job Share invite manually, can I do this?

Yes you can, simply go to the Job you wish to create the invite for and click on "Send Message" and "Send Email", this will open a pop up box from which you can choose a number of options. Select "Add JobShare Link" this will populate the message with the the link to the Job Dashboard. Here you can email all clients and Staff associated with the Job, another option is to add a custom email, which will allow you to send a Job Share link manually.

Note: Remember anyone with the Job dashboard link can access the Job Dashboard. They do not need a username or password, just the Job dashboard link.

I have sent a JobShare link by accident, what can I do?

You can revoke a Job Share link at any point by going to the history tab of a Job and clicking revoke, this will disable the link and grey out the Job Share icon.

Job Share Plus

Job Share Plus works best for those clients you want to allow to add or edit jobs into the system. This login also allows them to view all their jobs centrally, on a Job List.

Enabling Job Share Plus

You can only enable Job Share Plus from an individual Client record. Due to the way the permissions work with GeoOp, a Job Share Plus Client becomes a "staff" member within GeoOp. Once setup the Client will also appear on the staff list as a Job Share Plus staff member. This allows this Client to login to GeoOp with the permissions you set up.

The permissions

It is important to consider what you are allowing any JobShare Plus client to do. There are four permissions to understand:

1. View all Jobs - This allows the client to view all jobs where they are the client. This is true of jobs where they are the billing client.

Top Tip: If you choose not to allow the other permissions, this will simply allow this client to login and see a read only Jobs list. This is useful if you do a number of Jobs for this client and they simply need visibility for the jobs.

The other permissions have an ON or OFF state:

2. Add and edits jobs - This allows the client to create jobs. They can also edit jobs to add visits, staff members and add time and parts.

3. View Messages - This allows the client to view all the communications stored in GeoOp associated with the Job.

4. View Sale price - This allows the client to view the sale price of parts added to the Job.

the jobshare plus process shortened steps image.

Want to set permissions for a specific client?

You can set these permissions individually from the client list, or set overall permissions from Settings > Company account > Extra Features.

And remember...

Once you have set the Job Share permissions click "Send Invite", this will send an email to the client inviting to use Job Share Plus

As setting up Job Share Plus for a client creates a set of permissions, a GeoOp user license from your current subscription, is used. If you have reached the upper limit of of your subscription GeoOp will prompt you to upgrade should you wish to create another JobShare Plus client user but have reached this upper limit.

Note: If Job Share and Job Share Plus are enabled for a client they will continue to receive email invites to the Job Dashboard, even if they have added a Job. This may be advantageous if the client wishes to share the Job Dashboard.

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