Usernames and Passwords can be reset in GeoOp by navigating to Staff > Staff List. Select the Staff member required and click to edit Staff. For your own account simply click the Profile icon> My Account.

On the Edit Staff screen you can amend a Staff member's Username as required, however you will not be able to save Usernames that already exist for other GeoOp users.

Existing Passwords are not displayed in this screen, nor do GeoOp employees have access to them. However they can be reset here simply by completing the main Password field, then the confirm field, then clicking Save. You will have to notify your Staff members directly what you have reset the Password as.

This also applies when you are setting up new Staff records via the Add Staff button. For further details, please see our article on Adding Staff.

If you forget your own Password, go to the GeoOp login screen and click 'Forgot your Password', then follow the on-screen instructions. If you do not have your Username to provide at this point, alternatively you can click here to send us a email requesting a reset.

Important Note: Please ensure you provide your Name, Company Name, Email address your account is under, and a contact phone number in case we need to verify your identity further.

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