Annual leave is just one scenario people ask about. There are also other similar scenarios:

  1. Sally would have a new baby in May, so she might only work part time after that - Tuesdays and Thursdays after 1:30 PM
  2. Ben works in Perth but our main office is in Sydney, so we shouldn’t assign anything to him before 10:00 AM - which is 7:00 AM his time
  3. Every Friday afternoon we have regular team meetings, so nothing should be planned at that time, EVER!

In general, what you would want to do is to block out a certain period of time (or dates) so that the admin person assigning visits wouldn’t accidentally assign a visit to the wrong person, at the wrong time. To be completely honest, although we’re aware that this is a common scenario, we don’t have a specific feature for it yet, so using visits would be the closest solution:

Monthly “Leave” jobs

This applies to sick leaves, doctor appointments, volunteering at kids’ school, or anything else that’s not regular. Every month, you can create a job specifically for personal leaves. Every time someone has an unavailable period, add a visit to it and name it correspondingly. Doing this would give you a few benefits:

  1. You can achieve the wanted result - blocked out time on Schedule
  2. You can have an overview for all personal leaves for a certain month in one place
  3. Visit information can be exported in CSV, which makes it easier for reporting purposes

Recurring "Meeting” jobs

This applies to everything that’s regular - meetings, timezone differences, part-time shifts etc. Assume that you have a part-time contractor named Tom, who only work on Mondays and Fridays. Make a Job Template named “Tom’s non-shift hours” or something similar. Make it repeat weekly on Tue, Wed and Thu, without an end date. This way, whenever someone tries to assign a Thursday visit to Tom, “Unavailable” alert would show up. Benefits of doing this:

  1. You can achieve the wanted result
  2. You only need to do it once for every user
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