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The GeoOp Settings Page

To set up GeoPay you need to add the bank account details where you wish to receive the funds. To do this go to Settings->Company Accounts->GeoPay. You will need to enter your personal information and also your bank account details. Once you have saved your details you will see a success message in a green bar on the top of the screen and then a blue box will appear which also states your details are now stored.

1. The GeoPay tab in settings

2. The blue message stating the details have been saved

3. When you save your details you will be presented with a success message.

Top Tip: If you need to change your bank details at anytime simply go to the GeoPaysettings page - add the new details and hit save for your details to update.

Note: You will need to provide your Tax Number (New Zealand) to set-up GeoPay. Alternative names for this number are:

Australia: TFN or ABN

United States: TIN

The Client record

Make sure your client record has a first name, mobile phone number. This will allow GeoPay to request a payment. If there is mobile phone number in the client record, we will be unable to request a payment and you will see an onscreen error message.

Request a GeoPay payment from GeoOp Office

To request a payment from a client using GeoOp Office simply go to the Job you wish to receive payment for. Click Collect Payment button that shows below the job details or go to the Time & Parts tab and click the Collect Payment and Invoice button. You will then get presented with a window where you can add a description if needed. You can also tick an option to pass 1% surcharge to your customer to take it away from the 2.2% total cost of the transaction. Then click Collect$xx.xx. This will then send a payment request to your client via SMS.

Note: They will only be able to make the payment once. This means your client will not accidentally pay twice.

Top Tip: Make sure the job you want to request a payment for has either charges or parts added, these also needed to be ticked as billable.

Once a payment request has been sent the status of the payment will be marked as pending in the description field, like this:

Payment request & client payment

A. Your customer will receive an SMS requesting payment.B. On clicking on the link they will be sent to a payment screen.

B. On clicking on the link they will be sent to a payment screen.

Your client will then be guided through the secure payment process:

A. They select to pay by credit/debit card.

B. Click to view the Job details

C. Enter their card details and select pay.

A. To view full details of the payment request click the 'view' link

B. A full summary will appear including a subtotal, the transaction fee and a total

Once the payment has been processed your customer will be notified of a successful transaction in two ways:

A. Firstly they will be presented with a success screen.

B. Secondly they will receive a text message confirming a successful payment.

Once the client has successfully paid using GeoPay, the GeoPay status will update on the job from 'Pending' to 'Paid':

1. GeoPay status in the Time & parts tab will change from 'Pending' to 'Paid'

2. In the Billable column a black tick will appear.

Request a GeoPay payment from GeoOp App

To request a payment from the mobile App simply go to the Job you wish to receive a payment for and add GeoPay as a payment option:

A. Go to the '+' symbol, choose 'Add Payment'

B. GeoPay is the last option on this list

The status of the the payment will be 'Pending' as with the GeoOp Office until your customer pays, at which time the status will change to 'Paid':

A. The Payment Pending status

B. The Paid Status

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